Jillian Lang awarded SoGES Global Sustainability Leadership Fellowship

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001ZhgNWlGgSvM9IZYMWH4Cn-lnbNZzpoHHv-T80TddLrqbusyDz2WquiLe_3LTyKLftc2HWmm-UiW5cJqP7EQk4MnMDNbI7AE6Og1aO_Vh-w6HiJ4sjqEA4YV9TJDcoWwIfa9n7HWMc98=> (SoGES) at Colorado State University announced the selection of 20 early career academics, including Ph.D. Candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows to be 2013-2014 Global Sustainability Leadership Fellows. The SoGES Global Sustainability Leadership Fellows program cultivates future innovators and leaders capable of effectively communicating not only with there peers but also with the public.

These SoGES elected academic researchers are a direct informational resource for the decisions that will effect our enviornmental future. The Global Sustainibility Leadership Fellows are given access to state-of-the-art skills training in enviornmental communications.

“We’re excited that the new Fellows represent seven of the eight colleges at CSU. The Fellows’ disciplines range from ecology to political science, geosciences, economics, education, bioagricultural sciences, atmospheric sciences and biology.” said Diana Wall, Director of SoGES. “As always, competition for the Fellowships was stiff.”