Application FAQs

I submitted an information request via the Admissions/Grad School Inquiry process.  When can I expect to receive a response?

  • Initial inquiries will be sent a response within a week or sooner of the submission.
  • For answers to additional questions, providing the following information via your voice message (or email) will be most helpful in getting a complete and prompt response:
    • Your full name, slowly stating and spelling the entire name
    • SLATE Reference # (prior to application submission) or CSU ID, if it has been assigned to you
    • Phone number – if you prefer a return call, or email address, stated slowly and clearly in the voice mail
    • Your question(s)

I want to apply for a Spring or Summer CMB Admission.  Is this option available?

  • The CMB Graduate Program is set up for Fall Admissions.

When can I submit my application for the next CSU CMB  Fall Admission?

When is the last date I can submit my application?

  • For priority and financial consideration, applications must be submitted and complete by December 1st.
  • Applicants not requesting financial consideration should also meet this deadline for priority consideration and initial committee review.

When I submit my application materials, how do I know what might still be needed?

  • Once an application has been submitted and processed, a checklist will be available when you next open your application.
  • Red boxes on the checklist indicate items that are missing, or still require receipt of the Official copy by the Admissions Office.

What if I am still working on my degree and I need to submit a transcript for my current education?

  • Official Transcripts are required as part of the application process.  Although you are allowed to self-submit a GPA, your application is not considered complete until an Official Transcript is received from your educational institution.  You must provide a current Official Transcript, which will also require another transcript – once your degree is complete – if you are offered admission to the CMB Program.

What GPA and GRE are required for admission to the program?

  • The CSU Graduate School has a minimum 3.0 GPA requirement for Admission.
  • No Official GRE minimum score is required, but recently admitted students have had an average 3.5 GPA with a GRE Quantitative Percentile above 50% and Verbal Percentile above 30%.  These remain consistent from one admission year to the next.

What are the minimum scores for the TOEFL, IELTS Academic or PTE Academic Exams for English Language Proficiency?

Can I submit my own test scores, and how would I do this?

  • CSU applications now allow an applicant to submit ‘applicant reported’ GPA and their test scores during the application process.  HOWEVER, Official scores are still required for an application to meet the ‘complete’ requirements,  and can be sent directly to CSU using university code 4075 from the testing facility.

What are my chances for admission – how many positions are available compared to the number of applicants?

  • The CMB program received about 80 timely, complete applications for FA17 admission.   Of those eligible for the initial committee review process, less than 10 students were admitted to the program.

UPDATED 9/27/2017