Costs & Financial Assistance

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is paid for students who are supported on fellowships and graduate teaching or research assistantships.  Full details on Tuition and Fees.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate teaching assistantships and Cancer Biology Fellowships are available for entering students in the CMB program on a competitive basis with a monthly stipend. Students in their second year and beyond are usually supported as graduate research assistants. Graduate Assistants do not earn vacation time. The general CMB Program leave policy is two weeks per year for all Graduate Assistants, subject to approval of their advisor.

Colorado Fellowships

Colorado Fellowships are awarded to students with superior academic records. These funds provide additional support to cover relocation costs and or student fees.

GAANN Teaching Fellowships

GAANN teaching fellowships provide tuition and stipend of up to $32,000 per year (based on financial need) for full time students enrolled in the CMB Ph.D. Program. Applicants should have a keen interest in teaching and research at the university level.

GAUSSI Computational Biology Fellowships

The GAUSSI program offers one year $32,000 NSF-supported fellowships to outstanding students from life science, computer science, engineering, math and statistics graduate programs who are working on projects involving computational biology.  The fellowship provides comprehensive training in analysis of large biological datasets and aims to prepare students for a variety of professions.  Students will generally become eligible for the GAUSSI fellowship at the end of year one, but exceptional students may be considered upon admittance.