GAANN Cell and Molecular Biology Teaching Fellowship Program

The CMB Teaching Fellowship Program at CSU is supported through a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) award from the Department of Education and is focused on preparing students for a career in the professoriate. CMB Teaching Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of a wide variety of opportunities available at CSU to gain teaching experience, learn about the scholarship of teaching & learning and prepare for their future career. These opportunities range from one-to-one mentoring of undergraduate researchers to mentored delivery of undergraduate courses and participation in teaching workshops and seminars.

While some CMB students are provided with stipend support through the GAANN fellowship mechanism, all CMB students are encouraged to participate in teaching, mentoring and outreach activities. Supported fellows will complete the following activities during their tenure at CSU, all of which are selected to increase the likelihood of a successful career in academia after graduation.

In addition to completing the requirements for the PhD degree in Cell & Molecular Biology, junior (1st-3rd yr) CMB Teaching Fellows will:

  • Enroll in the Graduate Teaching Certificate Program through TILT and complete the following requirements during the course of their degree:
    • Complete and document 20 hours of teaching, tutoring or mentoring (usually through a teaching assistantship)
    • Attend and report on 6 pedagogical workshops/conferences related to teaching and learning
    • Complete one TILT-recommended course on post-secondary teaching theory and practice
    • Prepare a teaching e-portfolio
  • Act as mentor for a one semester undergraduate research project – this can be an REU, HURS or an undergraduate in any life science program, and is in addition to the 20hr teaching commitment required for the GTC.
  • Participate in one outreach/service activity per year
  • Participate in one recruiting activity per year
  • Present their research orally or as a poster in one symposium or conference per year
  • Prepare an Individual Career Development Plan and update it each year
  • Participate in Professional Development Seminar Series sponsored by the CMBSA and through TILT
  • Contribute one article per year to the CMB Newsletter
  • GAANN students may request funds to support their attendance at workshops or conferences related to teaching, undergraduate recruitment, or to their research area.

In addition, senior (4th and 5th year) teaching fellows may work with a teaching mentor to develop and/or deliver part or all of an online or traditional undergraduate level life sciences course.


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