Graduate CMB Faculty

VI. The Graduate CMB Faculty consists of the duly elected members:

A. Procedure for election of CMB Faculty

1. An applicant for membership must hold an appointment as a regular tenured or tenure stream or special faculty member of Colorado State University, have an active research program in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology that is appropriate for the training of graduate students, and/or have the expertise and willingness to contribute to the teaching of graduate courses in Cell and Molecular Biology.
2. An applicant must provide a current curriculum vitae and a statement of (1) his/her interests in CMB committee service and/or graduate student advisory committee service, (2) areas of expertise and willingness to teach CMB courses or graduate level elective courses that are appropriate for CMB students, (3) ideas for seminar speakers, and (4) other ideas for his/her functioning as a CMB Faculty member.
3. Upon completion of the above requirements, the applicant’s curriculum vitae and statement are reviewed by the Steering Committee. Acceptance of an applicant requires a three-fifths majority approval by the Steering Committee.

B. Review of CMB Membership:
1. Membership in the CMB Faculty is a privilege that carries certain responsibilities to the program. Every third year the Administrative Assistant of the Program will send each member a form asking him/her to review their participation in the CMB Program with particular reference to the following:
a. Mentoring of CMB Graduate Students
b. Graduate Committee service other than one’s own students
c. Participation in CMB and related graduate courses
d. CMB Committee service
e. Invitation and hosting of CMB seminar speakers
f. Attendance at CMB seminars
g. Participation in CMB meetings and activities
In case of no response, a reminder will be sent after 3 weeks.
2. After reviewing this material, a three-fifths majority approval by the Steering Committee is required to renew continued membership in the CMB Program. If the form has not been returned to the Administrative Assistant after one month, the member will be formally notified by email that he/she is no longer a member of the CMB Faculty. If the Director is not informed that there has been a mistake, the person can be readmitted only through formal application.

C. Functions of the CMB Faculty acting as a committee of the whole.
1. The CMB Faculty can act as a committee of the whole if a quorum consisting of one-half of the regular membership is present.
2. The CMB Faculty acting as a committee of the whole can override decisions of the Director or the committees and change program policies with a two-thirds vote of the members in attendance. Unless otherwise stated in the by-laws or voted by the faculty acting as a committee of the whole, other decisions that involve procedural matters require only a simple majority.
3. The CMB Faculty acting as a committee of the whole can elect and remove the Director, Director-elect, and standing committee members from office.

D. Affiliate CMB Faculty status is available to faculty from other universities who serve as outside members of a graduate student’s advisory committee.
1. Election and removal of affiliate members will employ the same procedures followed for regular members.
2. The privileges and responsibilities of affiliate members are limited to the advising of a graduate student and approval of their thesis.