Admissions & Foreign Student Applications

Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students

This document should be read in conjunction with the current Graduate and Professional Bulletin of Colorado State University.  It has been written to emphasize certain policies contained in the Bulletin and to outline policies and procedures specific for the CMB Graduate Program.



The admission requirements of the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Degree Program (CMB Program) include a bachelor’s degree in any of the biological, biochemi­cal, or physical science. The university requirements for admission to graduate school apply with the following additions: a minimum of one year each of organic chemistry, physics, and biology; mathematics through differen­tial and integral calculus.  A course in biochemistry is highly recommended. Additional science courses such as cell biology, microbiology, developmental biology, immunology, genetics, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, biophysics, physiology, and anatomy are considered in evaluation for admission. Promising students with deficiencies in entrance requirements may be accepted into the program, provided all deficiencies are corrected during the first year. This may be accomplished by passing a background examination in the subject, by taking appropriate undergraduate courses, or by successfully completing graduate level courses that require the undergraduate courses as prerequisites. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for the general examination are required and one advanced examination in an area of science is strongly recommended for consideration of financial aid. Applications are evaluated by the Admissions Committee.





The CMB Program is also committed to educate a limited number of students from foreign countries, particularly those from developing countries. Foreign student applicants must meet the same admission requirements as United States applicants (including GRE requirements). In addition, they must show evidence of competence in the written and spoken English language as evidenced by a TOEFL score of 625 or higher. If the transcript of a foreign student is difficult to evaluate, such a student will not be eligible for a graduate assistantship until after the end of his/her second semester of study.


Foreign students who are accepted without a fellowship or graduate assistantship must show evidence of adequate financial support to be admitted to the graduate program.