Faculty in Regulation of Gene Expression

Bouma1Gerrit J. Bouma
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. University of Idaho 2003.  Transcriptional control and cellular signaling pathways mediating mammalian fetal gonadal development and differentiation.



Bush1Daniel Bush
Professor (Biology) and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 1984.  Signal transduction pathways that regulate the systemic distribution of organic nutrients in plants.



Curthoys1Norman P. Curthoys
Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Ph.D. California (Berkeley) 1970. Effect of acidosis on renal gene expression; mRNA stability; structure of glutaminase.



Frisbie1David D. Frisbie
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D.; Colorado State University, 1999. In vitro and in vivo approaches to diagnostic and therapeutic musculoskeletal disease with an emphasis on molecular and surgical techniques.



Garrity1Deborah N. Garrity
Associate Professor (Biology); Ph.D. Cornell 1998.  Molecular genetic approaches to gastrulation and organogenesis (especially heart development) in zebrafish.



Hanneman1William H. Hanneman
Associate Professor (Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences); Ph.D., Texas A&M, 1995. Developmental neurotoxicology,identification and characterization of developmental genes involved in response to hazardous environmental chemicals.



Hansen1Jeff Hansen
Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1986. Higher order chromatin structure and chromatin architectural proteins.



Kisiday1John Kisiday
Associate Professor (Clinical Sciences); Ph.D., MIT, 2003.  Mechanobiology of cartilage regeneration; cartilage tissue engineering.




Laybourn1Paul J. Laybourn
Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Ph.D. California (Davis) 1989. The mechanism of transcription regulation in a chromatin context.




Luger1Karolin Luger
University Distiguished Professor, Howard Hughes Investigator (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); Ph.D.University of Basal (Switzerland) 1989. X-ray crystallography of macromolecular assemblies, crystallographic and biochemical analysis of transcription regulation in a chromatin context.



3391 Tai Montgomery
Assistant Professor (Biology); Ph.D.  Small non-coding RNAs and their roles in heterochromatin formation, transcriptional elongation, translation of mRNAs, and sorting of RNAs within a cell.



Mykles1Donald L. Mykles
Professor (Biology); Ph.D. California (Berkeley) 1979. Regulation of protein turnover; calcium-dependent and ATP/ubiquitin-dependent proteinases; myofibrillar proteins.



Nyborg1Jennifer K. Nyborg
Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); Ph.D. California (Riverside) 1986. The mechanism of transcriptional deregulation by the human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV-I) tax protein.



Peebles1Christie Peebles
Assistant Professor (Chemical and Biological Engineering); Ph.D., Rice University, 2008. The use of plant metabolic engineering to produce important pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.  The engineering of photoautotrophs for the production of bio-based chemicals and fuels.



Ranu1Rajinders Ranu
Professor (Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management). The mechanisms of translational regulation of gene expression.



Reddy1Anireddy S.N. Reddy
Professor (Biology); Ph.D. Jawaharlal Nehru 1984. Signal transduction mechanisms; regulation of gene expression; crop improvement by genetic engineering.



SantangeloThomas Santangelo
Assistant Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Ph.D Cornell University. Mechanisms and regulation of archaeal transcription




Slayden1Richard A. Slayden
Associate Professor (Microbiology, Immunology  Pathology); Ph.D. Colorado State University, 1997. Phenotypic differentiation and host-pathogen interactions to gain knowledge regarding pathogenesis and drug development.



Stargell1Laurie A. Stargell
Professor & Associate Chair (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); Ph.D. University of Rochester 1993. Mechanims of transcription initiation in yeast: the role of TBP and TFIIA in Regulated Expression.



Wilusz C1Carol Wilusz
Associate Professor (Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology); Ph.D Imerial College, London. Post-transcriptional control of gene expression in myotonic dystrophy. Interactions between viruses and the cellular mRNA decay machinery.



Wilusz J1Jeff Wilusz
Professor (Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology); Ph.D. Duke, 1985.    Mechanisms of regulated post-transcriptional control in mammalian cells.




Yao1Tingting Yao
Assistant Professor (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology); Ph.D. University of Iowa 2002. Regulation of gene expression and chromatin dynamics by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.