Faculty in Reproductive and Developmental Biology


James Bamburg
Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Ph.D. Wisconsin 1969. Regulation of the cytoskeleton in neuronal growth and pathfinding; signal transduction pathways regulating actin dynamics; abnormalities in actin behavior in neurodegenative diseases.



Bouma1Gerrit J. Bouma
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. University of Idaho 2003.  Transcriptional control and cellular signaling pathways mediating mammalian fetal gonadal development and differentiation.



Garrity1 Debbie Garrity
Associate Professor (Biology); Ph.D. Cornell 1998.  Molecular genetic approaches to gastrulation and organogenesis (especially heart development) in zebrafish.



Hamilton1Karyn Hamilton
Associate Professor (Health & Exercise Science); PhD., University of Florida, 2000. Mechanism(s) of exercise- and estrogen-induced protection of the heart and vascular endothelium against hypoxia-reoxygenation injury.



Erin Nishimura

Erin Nishimura

We are interested in understanding how gene expression is regulated during embryogenesis and how it impacts eventual cell fate. We use genomics, molecular biology, and computational approaches to probe these questions in the model nematode worm, Caenorhabditis elegans.

Photography at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory06.23.09Deborah A. Roess
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. St. Louis 1982. Plasma membrane events associated with membrane signaling and cell activation.



Photography at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory06.23.09George E. Seidel, Jr.
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. Cornell 1970. In vitro oocyte maturation; fertilization, metabolism, microsurgery and cryopreservation of mammalian embryos; genes regulating embryonic development.



Stack1Stephen M. Stack
Professor (Biology); Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin. Determine the roles of the SC and RNs in homologous chromosome synapsis, crossing over, and crossover interference.



Tobet1Stuart A. Tobet
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. M.I.T. 1985.  Development and differentiation of the neuroendocrine brain.