Faculty in Reproductive and Developmental Biology


James Bamburg
Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology); Ph.D. Wisconsin 1969. Regulation of the cytoskeleton in neuronal growth and pathfinding; signal transduction pathways regulating actin dynamics; abnormalities in actin behavior in neurodegenative diseases.


Bouma1Gerrit J. Bouma
Associate Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. University of Idaho 2003.  Transcriptional control and cellular signaling pathways mediating mammalian fetal gonadal development and differentiation.



Garrity1 Debbie Garrity
Associate Professor (Biology); Ph.D. Cornell 1998.  Molecular genetic approaches to gastrulation and organogenesis (especially heart development) in zebrafish.



Hamilton1Karyn Hamilton
Associate Professor (Health & Exercise Science); PhD., University of Florida, 2000. Mechanism(s) of exercise- and estrogen-induced protection of the heart and vascular endothelium against hypoxia-reoxygenation injury.



Photography at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory06.23.09Deborah A. Roess
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. St. Louis 1982. Plasma membrane events associated with membrane signaling and cell activation.



Photography at the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory06.23.09George E. Seidel, Jr.
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. Cornell 1970. In vitro oocyte maturation; fertilization, metabolism, microsurgery and cryopreservation of mammalian embryos; genes regulating embryonic development.



Stack1Stephen M. Stack
Professor (Biology); Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin. Determine the roles of the SC and RNs in homologous chromosome synapsis, crossing over, and crossover interference.



Tobet1Stuart A. Tobet
Professor (Biomedical Sciences); Ph.D. M.I.T. 1985.  Development and differentiation of the neuroendocrine brain.